PRANA BALI’s diverse team of practitioners form a supportive environment conducive to helping our clients transform their dis-ease into a life changing experience throughout their process.

We collaborate with our clientele to develop routines and practices that form an unshakable foundation for life.


When you first reach out to PRANA BALI, your enquiry will be met by our experienced team who shall address your questions.

Please fill in our ENQUIRY FORM so our PRANA BALI team may begin to assess your challenges.

Upon receipt of your enquiry form an online meeting (WA, Zoom) will be scheduled to further address your situation and your goals.


On the basis of the information you have shared, PRANA BALI will design a proposal for your program, suggesting a potential start date, program duration and costs. This proposal is subject to your review and feedback.

Upon commitment to your PRANA BALI program, our team of psychologists, counselors, nutritionists, holistic medicine team, yoga teachers, and recreation consultants will establish a platform for your transformational journey.

This will facilitate a smooth transition straight into the program on arrival.


PRANA BALI rehab makes every effort to ensure clients feel supported and nourished upon arrival in Bali. Your commitment to be here is a courageous decision and a major step forward.  

We are aware that some people may feel unsettled, being away from their habitual environment and comfort zone. This is why we encourage all our clients to use their first few hours as an opportunity to be kind to themselves, and to set aside any unwanted mental and emotional baggage, in preparation for their program.

We also invite clients to take a moment, on this first day, to gently remind themselves of their purpose in coming here, and to set an intention for the weeks ahead. The PRANA BALI team, the recovery program and process, and the soothing beauty and harmony of Bali itself, will all support you in your endeavor.


The majority of our clients arrive in a sub-optimal state of health. Their vital energy is low, and they may be mentally, emotionally and physically drained. Their nervous systems may have been weakened under great strain, compromising their health. An almost universal complaint is a deep feeling of disconnect – from life, nature, community, friends, family, and from oneself.

The process we undertake with each client is an active one. Each day we strive to meet you exactly where you are at, emotionally and physically, and overall in your journey.

We ensure that there is sufficient time between sessions and activities for you to integrate and process your experience. Many clients reach us at a stage where time spent alone with themselves can be challenging, uncomfortable, or even a little scary. Feeling at ease in one’s own company, without fear and with self-worth and self-love restored, is an essential part of the recovery and healing process, and PRANA BALI offers the space, the environment and the tools to nurture this.


The mind, the emotions, the physical and the spiritual aspects of an individual are the four pillars that support overall health and balance and constitute a whole and resilient person. When one pillar is compromised, the integrity of the entire structure is weakened. Solid recovery and durable restoration to health and sanity depend on all four areas being addressed and balanced.

Our clientele is offered programs that incorporate physical recuperation, in accordance with their needs. This may include detox, rest, rejuvenation through diet, appropriate exercise such as yoga, body work, breath work, and balancing the nervous system.
The mind and the emotions are closely linked. Changing your mind space involves putting positive, beneficial things into it, and avoiding harmful input. You will learn to embrace a degree of accountability, and to show-up for yourself, your program, and others, on a daily basis. This will quickly foster a feeling of renewed empowerment.

On an emotional level, it is important to start with being compassionate and accepting towards yourself, forgiving negative emotions and cultivating positive ones. You’ll work on releasing judgmental feelings such as self-condemnation and inner resistance to change. You will nurture a willingness to move into the new, and the courage to experiment with trust in your process, in the community around you, and in life.

The spiritual dimension means different things to different people. It is about finding a connection to something greater than oneself, even if initially this is only a supportive community, or Nature. You will have ample leisure and support to explore your own concept of spirituality, and to find which aspects of a spiritual life can serve you best as a unique individual.



You will have the luxury of recovering in complete confidentiality with your own personal team of highly qualified practitionersat your service, all on the paradise island of Bali.