Stress in itself is not an anomaly – it is a naturally occurring response of the mind and body to the challenges of life, whether at work, at home, in relationships, or other circumstances.  Stress can either build up gradually or occur suddenly when we react to anxiety, frustration or irritability, or feel threatened or overwhelmed. While moderate stress can be stimulating and performance-enhancing, excessive stress, in particular over time, can be severely detrimental to mental, emotional, and physical health.

When stress is not managed in a healthy way, it can lead to fatigue, loss of sleep, and ultimately burnout. The sufferer will feel like they are constantly drawing the energy to cope and continue with their lives from deep and dwindling inner reserves, and be particularly fragile emotionally.

The onset of stress is not always perceived by the sufferer before they are already under considerable strain, at which point they risk hitting an emotional wall. The risk at this point is that the individual may turn to drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy strategies, just to cope with each day or to find the resources to carry on.


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