PRANA BALI’s unique position in the recovery community is in many aspects due to its location in Ubud, the spiritual & cultural heart of Bali.  

World class and unsurpassed art, music, cuisine, yoga, martial arts and alternative practices allow it to stand apart as a place of transformation.



Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, is one of Indonesia’s great treasures, home to stunning natural landscapes, a unique culture and society, and a harmonious way of life.

With its pleasant climate and gentle and endearing people, Bali is a soothing place to spend time under any circumstances.  It provides visitors with unsurpassed natural beauty – beaches, mountains, terraced rice fields and forests.  It also offers sacred sites, such as temples and waterfalls,  meaning that it is also the ideal place to rejuvenate, heal, and replenish depleted energies. In Bali, the sacred and the mundane mingle.  Ceremony and ritual bring color and atmosphere to daily life, and time passes blissfully and seamlessly. This most welcoming and unforgettable of islands has all the attributes to be the perfect retreat for a journey of recovery.


From a therapeutic perspective, Bali provides a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment that is unparalleled elsewhere. All the necessary resources to support getting well from practically anything are present, including modern medical facilities and extensive infrastructure. PRANA BALI policy is to allow clients a degree of freedom of movement and plenty of free time and breathing space, rather than operating on the basis of a live-in treatment model. This helps clients regain a sense of confidence in their ability to manage in the world, connect with others who have committed to a similar process of change in their lives, make new acquaintances outside, and enjoy the genuine Bali experience that PRANA BALI, with our extensive network of skilled and knowledgeable locals, can offer. Our location, the small town of Ubud in Gianyar, is the ideal location to support this – far from the party scene and excesses of Kuta or Sanur, and removed from unwholesome temptations, Ubud is one of the world meccas of healthy living, attracting people from all over the world for yoga, spas, and innovative healthy cuisine.


Bali is the perfect prescription for escaping the stress and fast pace of home, the challenges of living in Western society, and over-stimulation of the mind. The core values that underlie Balinese society uphold its harmony, and the Tri Hita Karana philosophy of the three causes of well-being and prosperity – harmony with the Divine, harmony among people, and harmony with nature – permeates the Balinese world view and the daily lives of the Balinese. It is hard to imagine a place more conducive to the transition from the suffering and pain of battling personal demons, to the peace of mind, personal empowerment, and sustainable wellness, that PRANA BALI rehab offers.


You will have the luxury of recovering in complete confidentiality with your own personal team of highly qualified practitionersat your service, all on the paradise island of Bali.