Behavior around sex and love becomes unhealthy and addictive when it becomes compulsive, and when people resort to sex or relationships as a “fix”. In this sense, it is like any other addiction – the person seeks the high or surge in positive emotion and well-being that will sustain them mentally and emotionally – until they start craving for more, and the cycle begins again. This form of addiction is generally less harmful for physical health, but can be incredibly destructive of relationships, integrity, and mental health.

As with other addictions, it is characterized by obsessive feelings, thoughts and behaviors which the sufferer feels compelled to act upon regardless of the consequences. It gets progressively worse, ultimately resulting in the breakdown of personal relationships.

Examples of behavior present in love addiction are the need to frequently feel passion and the thrill of being “in love”, seeking wholeness in a romantic partner and experiencing a sense of lack without one, depending on romantic relationships and the excitement of connection with a partner for emotional well-being, and needing a regular flow of new relationships and constant novelty. Examples of behaviors characteristic of sex addiction are obsession with sex, constant indulgence in sexual fantasies, engaging with multiple sexual partners, excessive sexual activity, frequent use of pornography, interactions with prostitutes, and more.


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