Ayurveda, “the science or knowledge of life”, is a comprehensive holistic healing system originating in India. It is an art of living, and has been practiced uninterruptedly for more than five thousand years, making it one of the longest medical lineages and oldest sources of medical knowledge in the world. Newcomers to Ayurveda first enlist the help of an Ayurvedic doctor.  Once knowledge of Ayurveda has been acquired, an Ayurvedic lifestyle can be practiced without further input from an Ayurvedic doctor.

To the uninitiated, this profound medicine may seem complicated and obscure, but certain basic principles, such as self-observation, and attention to living environment in order to assess our health and the quality of our lifestyle are simple to grasp. Gradually we can learn to be more attentive to, and aware of, what makes us happy and healthy, and what works for us and what does not.

In order to be willing to change, we must truly understand the harmful nature of our behavior. Ayurvedic counseling should be a learning process, during which the client learns to understand the different aspects of their nature and how to work with these. Counseling looks at four primary areas: physical factors (balancing body/mind energies through appropriate methods such as diet, herbs, and exercise); psychological factors (bringing harmony to emotions and thoughts); social factors (work, recreation, and relationships); and spiritual factors (disciplining the mind and senses, raising one’s consciousness through yoga and meditation). Working with an Ayurvedic counselor is highly practical in nature, and provides guidance in how we can live for the better. It is a dynamic and educational process.

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A key component in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works on the body’s meridians in order to clear energy blocks and make way for the normal flow of Qi (“life energy”) throughout the body. This technique involves inserting the tip of fine-pointed needles into specific points on the body, to promote healing and relieve symptoms of ill health. Acupuncture is accepted by most medical associations and protocols of evidence-based medicine as a safe and efficient treatment for a range of conditions, including treatment for anxiety, treatment for mild depression and burnout treatment. It is relatively painless and sessions are usually described as relaxing.


Homeopathy focuses on stimulating the body’s own healing ability and immune system to restore health. After a thorough analysis of each patient’s presenting symptoms, mental, emotional, and environmental links are explored, and a homeopathic medicine is chosen from one of thousands of nature’s elements that will stimulate the body’s inner healing ability. Both acute and chronic ailments are treated in a safe, gentle, and effective way.

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