PRANA BALI uses the proven modalities of  western sciences in combination with eastern wisdom traditions. Using a collaborative effort with our guests we form routines and integrate practices that both address & arrest the source of your dis-ease.
Meditation not Medication.


Prana means life-force. It’s synonymous with Chi or Qi.

At PRANA BALI we work with our clientele to optimize their life-force necessary to live in an atmosphere of health, wellbeing and contentment. 

The PRANA BALI Method combines a number of different approaches aimed at restoring clients to complete, all-round wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Physical health is addressed using tools such as detox, holistic medicine, and diet and nutrition – feeling good is important in supporting the work done on other aspects of dis-ease. Healing of the mind and emotions involves dialogue, self-exploration, suggested tasks and recommended steps, and usually counseling or therapy.

Together we explore the root causes of pathological behaviors such as self-sabotage, avoidance and self-medicating; we look at how to bring awareness into conditioned patterns and dysfunctional response mechanisms; and we offer tools to better manage negative emotions, impulses, compulsions, and to cope with feelings that threaten our resilience.

Finally, the dimension of the spirit is the part of us that wants to attain its full potential, to expand and go beyond limitations – and the part which has higher aspirations, the desire to serve and contribute to society, a yearning for companionship and community as well as meaningful work and fulfillment, and a thirst for creative outlets and a spiritual life.

Recommended readings, sessions with a counselor or therapist, 12-step meetings, listening and sharing, journaling, conversation with our professionals, limiting tech and social media time, and healthy sleeping patterns are all part of the journey.

Creative activities such as painting or wood carving also play a major role, since they help us to tap into a deeper space of creativity within.

Bespoke programs for
sustainable recovery

As challenging and daunting – but also as exciting and inspiring – as a journey of transformation may be, there is a way forward for everyone.

There are, however, no quick fixes, and everybody’s path is different. This is why PRANA BALI rehab programs are systematically tailor-made for each individual, taking into account their history, their present situation and condition, and their recovery goals.

The program adapts to the client as they progress through their process, and takes into account aspirations for the future and preparation for moving on. We assist clients in learning the deep empathy and compassion for self that has too often been lost, and facilitate a way towards inner peace and self-acceptance. We give them tools to remain grounded, present, and more empowered.

The process results in a shift in perception. With this comes a faith and belief in new possibilities and the ability to work with life and not against it. We look at what deep needs are experienced as unmet, and what inner void clients may have been unskillfully  filling, or perhaps feeling trapped in.

PRANA BALI helps you plan for what’s to come and anticipate the challenges ahead.


BEGIN YOUR transformation TODAY

You will have the luxury of recovering in complete confidentiality with your own personal team of highly qualified practitioners at your service, all on the paradise island of Bali.