Although alcohol can be legally sold and purchased and is not generally classified or perceived as a drug, it has the same potential for damage when people with addictive tendencies abuse it. Alcohol is in fact one of the most addictive substances available, and the downward spiral from manageable consumption to full-blown abuse can be swift and brutal.

Alcohol is a part of a great many refined and ancient cultures around the world, and when enjoyed in moderation by people with no problematic tendencies, it can be a life-enhancing pleasure.

However, when used to excess, to suppress or drown emotions, to self-medicate, to escape from the challenges of life, to alleviate pain or trauma, or as a coping mechanism, it can readily become a habit. Alcohol then becomes a crutch, a treacherous companion that morphs into an addiction.

Once a person has crossed the line into alcohol dependency, they may become physically addicted to the substance itself, in which case a period of detox under medical supervision may be necessary prior to beginning our treatment and recovery program. Our PRANA BALI rehab center team is available to support this detox process. Please enquire for further details.

If alcohol is a cause of concern to you or a loved one, please make this clear when sending your enquiry.


You will have the luxury of recovering in complete confidentiality with your own personal team of highly qualified practitioners at your service, all on the paradise island of Bali.