Beyond the One-Size-Fits-All Recovery Approach…

Friends, loved ones, and family members often try to persuade those they care about to enter into recovery if and when they sense there’s an issue needing to be addressed.  While their motives are well-intentioned, we find that in most cases, the decision must ultimately be the client’s.  A soft and patient approach is best when talking to a loved one about potential issues with addiction, stress, or burnout, and we’re here to help whenever the time is right.

Entering into recovery requires a tremendous leap of faith, but it’s also one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life – a true act of courage.  We understand this, and we’ll do everything to ensure you feel safe and at home during your stay at Prana Bali.

One-to-One Therapy:
As the only private luxury treatment program in Asia that offers one-to-one treatment, our multi-disciplined, holistic approach to recovery results in a thorough restoration of mind, body, and spirit.  We’re not here to deliver a quick fix to your problems.  Quick fixes sound nice in theory, but in our experience, they rarely work.  What we’ll be doing is working with you to discover the root cause of your dis-ease, helping you to realize your full potential.

You’ll also have access to ongoing support after you leave, along with the tools you need to sustain your recovery over the long term as you integrate back into your home and work life.  Your team will work together to develop a tailored recovery plan that meets your individual needs.  This plan is one that you can carry with you and incorporate into your daily life, moving forward and throughout your recovery.

Diversity in Treatment, Care, and Culture:
You won’t find another rehab program quite like ours.  As a team of Europeans, Asians, and Americans with a diverse set of beliefs, all living on a Hindu-Buddhist island in a Muslim country, we maintain a strong cultural awareness and sensitivity to different needs.

Our specialized team members possess a wide range of skill sets, giving Prana Bali the unique ability to furnish a bespoke treatment plan.  The Prana Bali Method includes a variety of therapies that deliver ongoing rehabilitation and restoration, including Psychotherapy, Mind & Bodywork, Alternative Therapies, and Meditation, to name a few.  Each program will be highly customized to the client, providing the optimal treatment to suit his or her individual needs.

Rediscover your own Vitality:
Regardless of whether you’re giving up drugs, alcohol, or making a major life change, you should never have to forsake fun for a structured, humorless life.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Our goal is to help you evolve in your perceptions of the world around you so that you can rediscover and tap into your own vitality and zest for life without substances or other behavioral compulsions. It’s a complete reset of mind, body, and spirit.

When you’ve achieved a true, deep-rooted sense of serenity and comfort in your own skin without the unhealthy coping mechanisms, we know we’ve succeeded.