My rock bottom

My rock bottom was in Bali in the middle of 2016. Unlike some, my lowest point came when I was 4 months sober. I had no idea that alcohol was a symptom of underlying conditions, and the not the cause of my problems. In July 2016 in Bali, I found myself without a home, no passport, no money and one moment away from a drink. It is at this point that Scott and other members of the Prana Bali team appeared, like Angels in the night. I was saved during a period of a couple of weeks when it was survival only, a bed to sleep on, some food in my belly. Not the stuff that good recovery is built upon, but the kind of love that an addict me sorely needed at a time of desperation. It was during this time that I was first introduced to the philosophy that is at the heart of PranaBali. A divine combination of old and new. Prana Bali gave me the approach towards recovery that was grounded in wisdom, not a quick fix approach that I had tried before and of course, had relapsed. Scott and Prana Bali promoted spiritual principles such patience, compassion, honesty, altruism, openness, willingness and honesty. Prana, means ‘life force’ and at the moment when I found PranaBali, I had very little left. I was running on empty. The way that they approach recovery is across all aspects of our being. They take an approach that nurtures the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sides of recovery. Scott and his team showed me that yoga, breathwork, a good diet, being in the company of other addicts, rigorous honesty and self reflection were not just for addicts at rock bottom, but could be of benefit for everyone. I become utterly inspired by the approach to life, and have since delved deeply into all apsects of recovery in alignment with the philosophy I was first shown in July 2016. Today, I am over three years sober – I am great friends with the team, and I am now in a position to help others, as I was helped. I recommend Scott and Prana Bali because for me, it is the most comprehensive approach to becoming health and whole that I have seen. It will be of wonderful value to those that wish to turn their lives around, get clean and sober, deal with anxiety and depression or just recuperate and reconnect with themselves. Much love to Scott and the team.