12 months ago I arrived

12 months ago I arrived in Bali on the eve of Nyepi…a drunk. The streets were full of processions of amazing and mind blowing statues that had taken the Balinese many months to build. However, I was so consumed by my drinking that I could not see any beauty that surrounded me. All I could focus on was ensuring we could get to a bottle shop to ensure I had my supply of alcohol for the next 24 hours due to the Island shutting down during this time.
My life was no longer my life, I was being driven by alcohol in all I did and as a result I lost everything that was important to me. I realised that I could no longer continue this way but I was unsure what to do and was very very scared. In my drunken state I had been watching the emergence of an amazing organisation called USADA and something about this organisation touched me deeply. I sort to find out who was behind it. I had a gut instinct that this person was a safe person to talk to. I had never met this person nor would I have known him should he have walked past me in the street.
Once I had a name and a contact I reached out for the first time in my life and said “I NEED HELP”. I had no expectations of a reply as I was a total stranger. I received a reply, “I am here, I will help you.” I will never forget the shock and the tears of receiving that message! At the time I had no idea of Prana Bali nor Scott’s connection.
One year later I am sober and in awe of the spiritualism and culture I am surrounded by. Since Scott and the Prana Team and USADA have entered my life he has shown me nothing but support and a path to recovery. He has guided me through making connections and more importantly has taught me I may not be responsible for my addiction, but I AM responsible for my recovery.
I will always be forever grateful to Prana Bali and to Scott in all he has done for me and my life..