Self-Care = Emotional First Aid

Our recovery program at Prana Bali includes a range of therapies that will be adjusted to your individual fitness levels and abilities.  We’ll work at your pace, teaching you all new ways to stay vital, youthful, fit and balanced – key components to good recovery.  Already a practitioner?  That’s great.  We’ll locate the right practitioner to design a program geared toward expanding your knowledge and stretching your abilities.

Here are some of the practices offered through Prana Bali.  As mentioned, however, we’re happy to accommodate you in any practice that you wish to learn or improve upon:

  • Yoga:  yoga is known to bring the mind and body together by focusing on three distinct elements: breath, movement, and meditation.  This popular practice is the ultimate mind, body, and spirit medicine.  There are a variety of schools, practices and goals within yoga, and there’s a rich yoga community on Bali.  Simply let us know if there’s a specific style you’d like to practice and we’ll set you up with the right practitioner for you.
  • Personal training:  if you’d like to focus on strength training and cardiovascular activities, we’ll set you up with a trainer that can design a tailored program to meet your abilities and help you to achieve your fitness goals.  Regardless of whether you start off with a few leisurely strolls that build up over time, or you prefer demanding hikes and resistance training, our trainers will work with you to increase your fitness levels.
  • Martial arts:  whether you’re a novice or you already practice, martial arts are a fun and effective way to stay in shape.  We’ll sit down with you to identify the style that interests you the most in addition to being suited to your goals and fitness abilities.
  • Qigong (Pencak Silat):  this ancient practice originated in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries in China.  Originally a fusion of martial arts and meditation, Qigong has become known as a technique that centers the body and mind.  If you find sitting meditation to be a challenge, give Qigong a try.

Our goal is to set you up with an effective daily routine that you enjoy and want to continue.  Most clients find that maintaining a regular mind-body practice after ending our treatment program is one of the keys to recovery maintenance and a balanced, healthy life.