Cleansing the Body and the Mind…

Ideally, you should detox and be free from related medical conditions before arriving at Prana Bali.  This will help ensure that you’re maximizing the benefits of your recovery program during your stay with us.  If you do require a Bali detox center, please contact us and we’ll point you toward the best facilities in the region, connecting you with the one that best suits your needs and cultural beliefs. We understand you may not be feeling your best when you arrive.  This is very normal and we have a full medical staff on-call here to ensure your comfort and safety in the first week.

Medical Detox versus Nutritional Detox:

Medical Detox:
If you anticipate a difficult withdrawal or are already suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, you should undergo a medical detox before you arrive at Prana Bali.  Please let us know if you need help arranging this here in Bali or in your country of origin.

Nutritional Detox:
Once you’ve reached a safe stabilization period, you’ll be ready to begin your treatment with us, and we can set you up on a nutritional detox to rid your body of harmful toxins.  This can include any combination of whole foods, Ayurvedic dishes, and a detoxifying cleanse.  Cleanse options vary from client to client depending on the level of detoxification necessary, but our cleanses are primarily based on Ayurvedic principles.

If your body is relatively free from toxins, then you may only need a simple juice cleanse, a quick one-day digestive reset or a simplified three-day cleanse.  If, however, you require a more intensive cleanse, your team might suggest a traditional full Ayurvedic cleanse or a Panchakarma cleanse (Ayurveda’s signature cleanse).

Cleanses can last anywhere from three to twenty-one days.  Your practitioner will provide you with more details once your cleanse has been determined.  While the procedure and intensity level will vary for each cleanse, all are designed to restore a sense of calm to the mind and nervous system.   A thorough cleanse is also geared toward supporting healthy body weight maintenance, restoring sleep cycles, and promoting optimal health, in addition to many other benefits.

Emotional Detox
Most Prana Bali clients will undergo some form of emotional detox fairly early on, simply by virtue of having established a new positive daily routine.  That being said, as part of your one-on-one treatment plan, we’ll help you zero in on any specific compulsive behaviors or issues you may have that are causing you additional distress.  Once we’ve identified these, we’ll look for the root cause so that we can begin working through them.