Transition Time – Integrating into Post-Treatment Life…

As you progress through Prana Bali’s treatment program, you’ll have less daily structure and more time for self-examination.  This gives you the opportunity to start integrating new insights and practices into your daily life without around-the-clock support.

Our staff and facilities are always within reach if you need us, but we encourage you to attend to your normal business affairs, reconnect with family, or simply enjoy life on your own.  Gradually resuming everyday activities in this way gives you a solid recovery foundation as you move forward into daily life.

Developing a Sustainable Recovery Plan:
As part of your transition, we’ll work with you to develop a sustainable recovery plan, custom-tailored to reinforce your major goals after you leave Prana Bali and moving forward.  Your aftercare recovery plan will include things like regular twelve-step meeting attendance, meditation groups, psychotherapy, and movement workshops such as yoga or Qigong.  Try these things out and decide what works best for you.

We’ll provide you with recommendations for how to implement your plan, including information about meeting times and locations, practitioners and workshops near you.   Think of this like your personal recovery blueprint, designed to help you integrate and apply what you’ve learned into your daily life.  We’re available for guidance and support throughout every phase of your recovery journey, and we can help you fine tune your plan along the way and as your recovery evolves.  Consistent application of this routine, in our experience, leads to change that lasts and a recovery that endures.

Ongoing Support:
For a period of time after you leave us, Prana Bali will be available to provide you with ongoing support to build on your recovery.  You can choose to extend the length of this service for as long as you need to.  As an option, we can even accompany you back home and stay with you for a period of time, or we can assist in locating a recovery coach and companion in your hometown.  Additionally, we can arrange and schedule cyber sessions to discuss your progress and how you’re doing on your own.