Your Bespoke Treatment Plan Starts with a Thorough Assessment of your Goals and Needs…

We’ll set up a meeting with our Clinical Director prior to your admission in order to define your needs and determine what goals you can achieve based on your available time.  It’s been our experience that clients who stay with us at Prana Bali for at least 45 days achieve lasting results and maintain success after leaving us.

Personalized Treatment:
During the meeting, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and address concerns so that we can begin designing a recovery program that’s tailored to your needs.  This will enable us to deliver the best results.  Simply let us know when you’d like to proceed and we’ll set everything up, including briefing your treatment and therapeutic team, organizing your driver, nutritionist, and support staff.

We’ll also provide you with a safe and therapeutic setting to discuss your spiritual needs based on your values and beliefs.  Our approach is designed to be acceptable and helpful for all of our clients, regardless of your religious or cultural background.

Intake Assessment
If you’ve come to us for drug and alcohol treatment, we’ll ask that you undergo a brief intake assessment.  Having your blood work done in your country beforehand will help speed up the intake process as well.  Simply have your hospital, clinic, or lab email the results to Prana Bali.  Our staff will address any potential issues that crop up and create a blueprint based on your individual needs.