Never Underestimate your Body’s Extraordinary Ability to Heal itself…

At Prana Bali, we offer numerous evidence-based alternative therapies to our clients, all administered by an elite team of practitioners.  Each one of these has proven to be profoundly beneficial, particularly when coupled with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  You or your loved one will have access to the following throughout your treatment program:

  • Ayurveda:  the word, “Ayurveda”, is translated from Sanskrit and means, “the science of life.”  Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India which incorporates a range of treatments and herbal remedies.
  • Pranayama:  dating back to ancient India and the origins of yoga, Pranayama consists of breathing exercises that clear both physical and emotional blockages in the body to free the breath in order for Prana, or “life energy”, to flow.  You can expect to experience the benefits of Pranayama quickly.  With a regular and sustained practice, you’ll notice a significant increase in mental and physical energy.
  • Acupuncture:  a key component to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works on the body’s meridians in order to clear energy blocks and make way for the normal flow of qi (“life energy”) throughout the body.
  • Naturopathy:  a complete system of natural healthcare based on the principle that the body can heal itself, naturopathy consists of nutritional supplements, individual dietary recommendations, and specific exercises.
  • Holotropic Breathwork:  breathing is a natural function of the human body, necessary for survival, but it’s amazing what can be accomplished when we learn to control the breath.  Holotropic breathwork techniques allow us to transcend the body and ego, thus enabling us to tap into a higher state of consciousness.  Through this practice, clients are able to access trauma, release stress, and gain clarity on some of their deepest issues in order to begin facilitating change.
  • Yoga therapy:  yoga therapy is a group of spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines originating in ancient India that utilizes poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to restore balance and improve overall health.
  • Craniosacral Therapy:  founded by osteopath, John Upledger, Craniosacral Therapy is designed to relieve pain and tension through gentle movements of the skull, joints, and spine.  These movements or manipulations are meant to harmonize with the nervous system’s natural rhythms.
  • Myofascial Release:  this practice focuses on the release of the fascia, or the connective tissue in the body where we’re said to store trauma and other stagnant energy.  This safe and effective hands-on technique can help eliminate pain, tension, and restore motion in the body.
  • Pencak Silat (Balinese Qigong):  Pencak Silat is an ancient practice that originated in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries in China.  Originally a fusion of martial arts and meditation, Qigong has become known as a technique that centers the body and mind.