“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Your one-on-one treatment with us means that we never work on a group therapy concept. It’s one of the many things that makes the Prana Bali Method unique. Our experience has shown that there’s no one-size-fits all solution and as your recovery shifts, your plan will be adequately adjusted as you grow. While elements of your recovery program here at Prana Bali will vary from day to day, we will diligently work with you to build and establish a foundational routine.

Dawn is a special time here – a time when the island gently wakes up, and when smells of tropical flowers and incense from temple offerings fill the air. Integrating the magic of Bali first thing in the morning during a light walk or meditation, for example, can be an incredible way to start the day. Beginning your own daily yoga or training practice will also help you form positive habits that endure, even once you’ve left our treatment center.

A typical day at Prana Bali:

  • Make time for recreation: we firmly believe in recreation as therapy, and we encourage you to get out and have fun each day.  Bali is a phenomenal place to explore, experience local culture, and plan daily adventures.  Maybe this means going white water rafting on the Telaga Waja River, a hike through the beautiful mountains of Kintamani, or surfing the world-class waves of Uluwatu following a visit to the famous Uluwatu Temple.  You can even participate in a ritual Balinese purification under holy spring water fountains at one of the island’s beautiful water temple pools.  There are virtually endless options for adventure on the island. Whatever it is that interests you, we’ll sit down and chat with you each week about what you’d like to do the following week. These things will become part of your schedule.
  • Rediscover your hobbies or pick up a new one: most people have things that they loved doing when they were kids. Maybe you were really into pottery, or dance, or you enjoyed playing music.  Or perhaps there are hobbies you’ve always wanted to take up that you never got around to.  Bali is a great place to dive deep into the creative zone and explore new things. Incorporating hobbies into your daily routine can be profoundly enriching and can really enhance your recovery as well.  This island is a mecca of inspiration, and Ubud happens to be the cultural center of the Bali.  The town boasts a seemingly endless variety of options to learn about things like local Gamelan music, take Balinese dance or Salsa lessons, or learn how to sculpt. There are even painting and drawing workshops around town run by local gallerists.
  • Psychotherapy sessions: these can be quite confronting and you’ll typically need time to process what comes up in your sessions.  Each member from our team of top psychotherapists is highly skilled and trained in numerous counseling modalities.  Rest assured that whomever you’re working with will be able to address your own unique concerns.
  • Maximize your mornings: morning hours can be some of the most mentally stimulating and productive hours of the day.  We believe that establishing a positive morning ritual is one of the cornerstones of living clean and maintaining long-term recovery.  A mind/body therapy routine such as yoga, meditation, or martial arts can really set the tone for your day.  If you’re interested in learning a new exercise or form of meditation, or if you have a preference toward a specific type of training, let us know and we’ll locate a local practitioner.
  • Indulge in a body treatment: acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, or reflexology are all offered here, and Ubud is home to some of the best body treatment practitioners on the island.  Self-care is such an important aspect of recovery and it’s one that’s often overlooked.  We’ll make sure that you have the opportunity to take full advantage of the treatments that interest you the most and these can also be built into your weekly routine.
  • Downtime: this is a great time to form a habit of taking a daily pause to reflect on the progress you’ve been making.  It’s also an opportunity to catch up on personal business, like emails and phone calls.  That being said, the more you can unplug and focus on your experience at Prana Bali, the more you’ll get out of your program.